Outraged is an understatement when describing the response of Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh to the greatest human tragedy in Haitian history this week.

One could not be blamed for possibly thinking that men like Robertson may be simply inherently evil purveyors of bigotry, cloaked in a thin veneer of Christianity, spreading their twisted ideas and interpretation of the Christian bible for their own financial gain and heady power trips.

Robertson, well known for spewing bizarre messages based on bent, deviant reasoning in the past (he once claimed that the terrible hurricanes along our country's eastern seaboard were the direct result of this nation's acceptance of gays and lesbians), now claims that the worst Haitian tragedy in history was caused by a 'pact with the devil' that Haitians made when they supposedly 'asked the devil' to help free them from French domination two hundred years ago.

Limbaugh has taken to our nation's airwaves and simply said we should not help the Haitians by donating money to the effort to save lives.

So let our nation send a message to these misguided men.  Instead of listening to them, do the opposite.  GIVE!

Give and give again and again to the American Red Cross in its effort to help Haiti during this terrible tragedy. It is so easy to do. Just text 90999!  No texting? Just click here, it's quick and easy! A meager $10.00 will be added to your phone bill.  Do it over and over until you feel comfortable.

If you'll join me and the many others around our nation who are texting and giving as we speak, then together we can help save one frightened and shivering child still buried in the rubble of a collapsed building tonight hoping that the voices he or she hears above them know where they are, and how to get them out.

The good people of Haiti deserve and desperately need our help tonight. Don't allow personal complacency to keep you from acting. Do it right now! Go to sleep tonight knowing you make a difference.
greg hahn
01/15/2010 6:59am

i will be giving but not thru Red Cross. They have prove over and over their inability to respond (New Orleans) and their own mismanegment at many levels. Any organization that charges our Military and natural diasaster victims for coffee and donuts while these folks are in dire straits; and who they are supposed to be helping,won't see any of my money. i will be giving thriugh Catholic Charities USA who only use about 5% for admin expenses versus 60-80% used by Red Cross.

01/15/2010 9:43am

I gave through the Cliton Foundation

Grant P. Thompson
01/15/2010 11:44am

Good for you, Joe - and your commenters are also right to give to whatever organization they believe will do the most to help. (BTW, there are a lot of organizations in addition to the American Red Cross that are accepting text-message donations; most major wireless firms are waiving text message charges for donations made to those sites.)

For myself, I am giving through Oxfam America - I was in Oxford when the "Oxford Committee for Famine Relief" was formed and I have always admired their ability to do lots for little.

But the point is, GIVE. We are so lucky as Americans and have so much.


01/15/2010 5:32pm

I have chosen Unicef Canada(hesitating with medecins du monde ou medecins sans frontieres).I think unicef has an expertise with offering help to mothers to be and to children and this tragedy has left many of haiti children orphans.But any organisation will bring help.


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