Two back-to-back hikes in Griffith Park yesterday and Sunday meant I was ready to run along the ocean today.

After a busy morning dealing with trademark infringers in Europe and trying to put the finishing touches on some procedural and process changes in our plant with the help of my virtual assistant in South Carolina, I took off for the ocean to jog, rather than walk this time. I parked high above the ocean and walked a mile and a quarter up and down hills and side streets making my way down to the strand for my first time actually running in my Vibram Five Finger® shoes.

Two days of vigorous hiking demonstrated the addition of the Injinji® socks made all the difference in the world -- no blisters! As expected my 5K jog along the strand went really well.  Running in Vibram Five Fingers® is essentially like running barefoot, during which you feel lighter and faster.

It was a good workout on a beautiful day.


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