I was surprised today when some of my readers told me they noticed I had no blog posts this past weekend. I am honored and greatly appreciate that anyone's actually reading my blog. Thanks much! <blush>

My friend, Mark Ruschman (formerly Ruschman Gallery, Indianapolis) visited on Thursday to discuss purchasing art for my condo, and to visit the annual Los Angeles Art Show.

I've been impressed with Mark on many levels since meeting him through my friend Bob Beckmann when I was buying art for my home and offices in the early 90s. Mark's gallery was one of the best in town, and his knowledge of art and keen eye for what I liked was amazing.  Mark and I went on numerous trips to NYC, Chicago, and across Indiana and the Midwest, to look at lots of different artists and, with Mark's guidance, my Indianapolis collection steadily developed over the years into a yummy backdrop to my home and office environments.

So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when, immediately upon entering the lobby of my Los Angeles condo building, Mark walked around looking at all our art and began talking -- in depth -- about each piece and it's artist!  Our building contains millions of dollars of original pieces and prints, in varying media, including a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture, displayed around our public spaces. Mark knew virtually every piece and the history of the artist!  His narrative was an eye-opener for me! What a great way to begin a visit!

We spent most of Friday at the Art Show where we were immersed in fantastic art of every type from around the world. I suspect it was because of our economy that not many dealers or artists from the East Coast were in attendance this year, but there were many from Asia.  Stunning art from China, Korea, Japan, and other Asian nations. If you have a Facebook account, here are some great photos of the show.

Saturday's weather turned from rainy to beautifully sunny and dry. The week's storms had passed and the weather was perfect. We drove around in a Tesla for an hour (loaned to me by the Tesla dealer), then visited the stunning Getty Center and ended the afternoon with a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains.  (There are must-see photos of the Getty below - just click on one to begin a manual slide show).

We wrapped up the weekend with Sunday breakfast at one of my favorites, The Kettle in Manhattan Beach, and then watched the COLTS game back at my place before Mark had to fly out Sunday afternoon.

Fun weekend!

NOTE: more photos and video follow the Getty pics below.

Mark Ruschman
01/27/2010 8:30am

Thanks for the wonderful blog and all your kind words. I had a terrific time seeing LA with you, the Art Fair and riding around in the Tesla. Alex and Nancy enjoyed the photographs and are anxious to make the trip. I look forward to working on our new project together and hope to get back to see you soon. FYI - I think you should go to the "event" on the 18th, that would make an interesting blog - I'm sure.
Thanks again, your friend,

01/27/2010 11:11pm

Looking forward to seeing all three of you out here!

Re the event on the 18th, I'm not so sure. Sometimes I think I may actually be getting older. :-)

Now, Burning Man -- that's another story! I'm ready. It's in August. Let's go!!

Alan Schoff
02/20/2010 10:16am

Burning man!?! Let me know if that's on your calendar this year - August 30 to September 6. It's only a 5 hour drive for us. Perhaps we could join you for a desert meet-up.


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