Not a particularly good stock picker, I generally rely on my investment advisors for advice and rarely make recommendations. However, based on the theory that you can make good stock picks if you really understand a company, I've made a handful of good pics during the last 30 years (Including Microsoft and Apple -- two companies that I knew a lot about), and a few years ago bought shares of the then relatively new and unknown Baidu (pronounced "by-doo"), a new search engine company in China.

Having just returned from three weeks in Southeast Asia, I'm reminded that the United States -- and it's home-grown companies -- have much to gain, and much to lose, as the world continues to adjust to the ongoing developments and shake-outs economically and geopolitically, that are playing out on the world stage, especially in China.

This week's announcement that Google has pulled out of China, and moved its search engine operations to Hong Kong, bodes very well for Baidu's growth (my current 350% increase in stock value has a good chance of improving); and for that, I'm grateful. However, I hate to see Google pull out of China for many reasons, not the least of which is the potential damage it can do to Google's future growth.

Google's relationship with China has also impacted the relationship between the Chinese government and the United States government, adding fuel to the fire that's already smoldering between the two countries.

There is no doubt that our world is forever intertwined.

NOTE: Watch the very brief CNBC interview with the young founder of Baidu, below.


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