Even as Apple sold in excess of one million iPads in a month, a remarkable feat, I resisted buying one mainly because I didn't think there was any productivity gain in doing so. But my longtime friend, Greg Wagoner (a fellow extreme Apple aficionado), said something that made me reconsider; he asked me if I'd ever bought anything just for the fun of it, and not just because it provided a productivity gain.

A short time later, iPad-specific versions of productivity applications such as Evernote® and Dropbox® -- programs I use extensively on my iMac, Mac Air laptop, and iPhone -- showed up in the Apps Store. And, then, the eagerly-anticipated iPad 3G version was released. All of a sudden the iPad looked a lot more appealing to me.

Thanks to Greg's prodding (once telling me that it was not a matter of "if", rather "when" I would be buying one), along with the release of productivity tools and the 3G version, I took the plunge yesterday and bought an iPad 3G.

It's now clear to me why so many people are buying the iPad. Although it's not yet a huge productivity tool, it is nonetheless a device that is life-changing.  In my humble opinion, the main reason is that the iPad is for 'real people' -- not just geeks or gadget hounds. It's technology that's intuitive and simple to use; you just use your finger and touch the screen to navigate.  It lets anyone easily be part of the digital revolution.

In less than 24 hours I've found more and more ways to harness its productivity features, while enjoying just a few of its life-changing and fun ways to interact with our digital, mobile world.

Many thanks to Greg Wagoner for his prodding and encouragement. I'm loving my new iPad!


Jeff Baker
05/12/2010 3:46pm

I wondered just how long it would be before you caved in. I never bought that talk about how you didn't think you'd want one. Now I hope you have a great time with it.

05/12/2010 9:37pm

You were right!

48 hours into it and I'm already in trouble! It's too easy to watch podcasts now, videos, TV, etc -- plus beautifully scan many news sources - both print and video.

Must force myself to turn it off and go to sleep earlier tonight!


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