With dual citizenship and an extensive travel resume spanning the globe over the past thirty five years, I've long considered myself a citizen of the world. I believe our futures are tied to the world and that the world's problems are all connected.

Global awareness and participation has become more and more important over the past few decades, of which the recent tragedy in Haiti is just one example.

Observing and learning from those in other countries who are helping to push their own societies forward, whether they're ordinary citizens or government officials, is a crucial way to help gain insight into more and perhaps better ways to help move our own societies forward.

In order for such a critical process to function at it's best requires good relations between countries, which our US State Department strives to build and maintain every day. Part of that process is an on-the-ground US citizen in a foreign land, a US Ambassador.

US Ambassadors are a vital link in our connection to the larger world, and I am especially honored to have been invited to attend the swearing in ceremony for my long-time friend Anne Slaughter Andrew, our new US Ambassador to Costa Rica, to be held in the Benjamin Franklin Room at the US Department of State in Washington, DC.

President Obama has appointed, and the US Senate has confirmed, one of the brightest people I know, and an amazing woman of many talents. Given Anne's extensive background, much of it related to the environment and the new energy economy, this is the perfect assignment for her. No doubt, she will make this nation proud with her service on our behalf in Costa Rica.

Congratulations Anne!

U.S. State Department Invitation

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