"You've got unprecedented numbers of the people roaming the streets at night with no place to sleep. They haven't had any sleep in two days, they don't have water, they don't have food,"… former President Bill Clinton speaking on CNN about the Haitian situation.

Many thanks for all the replies to my post on Haiti. Most came to my personal email, with 3 friends responding with comments directly on my blog. I learned that options for giving to help Haiti are many and varied.

The most important aspect is knowing that your donation is not diluted and goes nearly 100% to helping Haitians. One of Indiana's former First Ladies told me that she gave through the Clinton Foundation (To which I made my own $10,000 donation.) Another friend revealed that she made a $100,000 donation through the Clinton Foundation.

President Clinton said this morning that "…we need large numbers of people giving small amounts of money so we can get food, water, medical supplies and shelter there," Note: The Clinton Foundation also allows for quick texting of small amounts. Just text "haiti" to 20222.

One friend gave through Catholic Charities -- named the top provider of social services in the USA by Charity Navigator. Their International "Catholic Relief Services" has extensive coverage and ways to help. Just click here!

Another friend, who was in Oxford thirty years ago when the "Oxford Committee for Famine Relief"  (OxFam) was created has given through this amazing organization which has a huge response underway. Learn more here.

One of my sisters in Montreal reported that her family has given through Medecins du Monde, which they support annually.  Montreal hosts a Haitian population of over 130,000 people and Medecins du Monde has a massive presence in Haiti already. More here.

Another of my sisters, a medical doctor herself, said that her family has given through Unicef Canada, primarily because of their expertise with mothers and mothers-to-be, especially critical experience for helping the thousands of Haitian children now orphaned due to the earthquake. They have a wonderful program for how you can get involved -- details here.

Another former Indiana First Lady reports that she has given through the Fuller Center. This amazing organization, started in 2005 by the late Millard Fuller and his wife Linda of Habitat for Humanity fame, is dedicated to ending poverty housing worldwide -- so important in the rebuilding efforts in Haiti. Read more here.

 Many excellent choices -- amazing organizations! Please give as much as you can however you want.


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