Yesterday was perfect weather for an afternoon birthday party for Heidi Gealt at their beautiful 200 acre farm near Spencer, Indiana. I drove down with Mark and Nancy Ruschman, and their daughter Alex (who immediately got into my iPad!).

Heidi, the Director of the Indiana University Art Museum, is married to Barry Gealt, an internationally-known Hoosier artist, whose work I've collected for years. In fact, I've recently commissioned Barry to create a piece for my Los Angeles condo, and luckily, was able to see it in-process at his studio on their property yesterday.

Photo above: Barry and Heidi in Barry's studio yesterday. Alex Ruschman in the background.

Video below: a brief 1 minute capture of the party.

Nancy Ruschman
05/31/2010 7:22am

Nancy Ruschman
05/31/2010 7:26am

Joe - what a wonderful synopsis of the evening. It was great to spend time with you in Southern Indiana.

I need to hang with you to learn some of the cool techniques you use not only with camera/video but other apps. Take care - Nancy


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