The only children's hospital in Indiana recognized in any category by the nationally distributed Child Magazine, Riley Hospital for Children ranked 11th overall out of almost 250 children's hospitals across the United States.

A leader in pediatric care, not only in Indiana, but around the region, Riley Children's Hospital is Indiana's first and only comprehensive hospital dedicated exclusively to the care of children.

One of my first jobs when I moved to Indianapolis in 1972, as a newly trained emergency medical technician (EMT), was working for the largest local private ambulance service. I was frequently asked to drive our new, large ambulance/truck directly to a physician's home–usually on weekends and/or holidays–pick up the doctor, and then drive to an outlying hospital to pick up a newborn infant and safely transport it, in an incubator, back to Riley Hospital.

It was perhaps the first time in my life when I really recognize the value of a human life. I'll never forget the first time I pulled into the ambulance bay at Riley and was greeted by a small group of dedicated doctors and nurses who rushed to our ambulance, removed the incubator containing the newborn infant, and hastily moved into a room where they could perform their magic on the distressed child.

We should all be very proud to have Riley Children's Hospital in our community. Along with the Ronald McDonald House (which sits across the street On Michigan St.), Riley Children's Hospital is saving lives and helping thousands of families every year.

Thank you Riley!

Video below: Riley-produced promotional video explaining their mission and services. Worth the watch.

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