Apple's new iPad was launched on Saturday, April 3rd, and since then -- based on analytics -- within two days, iPad-users began using the device while checking my blog.

One particular reader has surfed from their iPad during at least five visits, spending an average of a minute and a half each time.

I appreciate this particular iPad-user's occasional visits, and hope that they'll continue reading as my audience slowly grows.

05/06/2010 12:58am

Not sure if I'm the same person you mention, but I read your blog from my new iPad.

I like your writing style and choice of subjects.

05/06/2010 4:01pm

Hey Joe!

Your site looks great on the iPad. I enjoy reading your blog.

Joe Miller
05/06/2010 4:49pm

Thanks Howard and Greg.

Glad you have your viewership.

Am looking forward to getting the 3G iPad soon.



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