One of the best ways to help wean our nation away from its obsession with, and dependance on, foreign oil is to buy an all-electric vehicle.

I've committed to eliminating internal combustion engines from my life as soon as I can. I began with the purchase of a Tesla 100% electric vehicle earlier this year. And today, I furthered that commitment with my reservation for the new Nissan LEAF.

I look forward to the day when I can sell my last internal combustion engine vehicle, a Lexus SUV (good news: it's an ultra-super low emissions vehicle, much less polluting than any vehicle I've ever owned in my life prior to the Tesla).

I'm urging all of my friends who may be thinking about buying a new car this year, to seriously consider an electric vehicle. The Nissan LEAF appears to be an outstanding option at a great price point.

I hope I'll be driving my new leaf by this fall.

Photo Above: my reservation page on the Nissan LEAF website.

Video Below: Nissan LEAF introduction promo from last year.


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