As a former advisory board member of the National Institute for Fitness and Sport (NIFS), in downtown Indianapolis, I was a longtime member, and worked out there daily, until building my own extensive in-home gym in 1998, after which I stopped working out at NIFS. However, I have continued to get an annual physical at NIFS every year since.

The reason is simple, the Indiana University School of Medicine maintains its Executive Health, Corporate Wellness and Prevention Program (IU Executive Health Program) at NIFS, which is widely recognized as one of finest health facilities in the nation.

Created by my friend and personal physician, Dr. Mike Busk, the program's founding medical and research director, the IU Executive Health Program helps Indiana executives maintain a high level of health while helping to prevent disease, through a one-on-one interaction with guidance and reinforcement that sets this top ranked program apart from others in the United States -- including the world famous Scripps in San Diego, and the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis. Some of Indiana's largest publicly traded companies have switched from sending their executives to San Diego or Minneapolis in favor of sending them to the IU Executive Health Program at NIFS.

Conveniently located on the IUPUI campus, within the White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis, NIFS is open to the general public, and is one of the best gyms in town, as well as one of the most well respected in the nation. The IU Executive Health Program is also open to the public.

I'll be back in Indianapolis in a few weeks, in time for my 2010 annual physical, and encourage my friends and readers to consider NIFS for your fitness needs, and the IU Executive Health Program for your ongoing health and disease prevention efforts.

NIFS Quick Facts: Convenient walking distance from downtown. Located in White River Park. Daily, weekly and monthly options. Features include a 65,000-square-foot fitness center, NBA-size basketball court, 200-meter rubberized running track, extensive equipment, group fitness classes (including Les Mills, BODYPUMP and Yoga), nutritional counseling and weight loss programs. NIFS also manages 40 Corporate Fitness Centers in eight states.

Video1 Below: Dr. Michael Busk in action.

Video2 Below: Twenty-year NIFS member and former Indianapolis Mini Marathon winner talks about NIFS and his own fitness program, with lots of video inside and out.

Video3 Below: Senator Barack Obama plays a pick-up game of basketball on the NIFS court in downtown Indianapolis on the day of the Indiana primaries in 2008.

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