One of the really cool events in Indianapolis is the Indiana Historical Society's annual fundraiser “Living Legends”, which helps raise much-needed funds to benefit its education programs and services, while simultaneously recognizing and honoring Hoosiers who have made a lasting impact on Indiana and our nation through their personal or professional endeavors. I'm honored to be a board member of the Indiana Historical Society and look forward to this event every year. Last nights gala was one of most successful ever, and I want to personally thank everyone who helped support it.

This year's Living Legends honorees were the amazing Judge Sarah Evans Barker, of the United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana; Dr. William Mays (known simply as Bill Mays), president and CEO of Mays Chemical Company (one of this nation's largest chemical distribution companies), and his wonderful wife Dr. Rose Mays, professor emeritus, Indiana University School of Nursing; and Raymond Leppard, Conductor Laureate of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and one of the nicest, kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of calling a friend,.

Warm thanks to my guests who made our table a fun and exciting time: Mary and Steve Paul, Dr. Michael and Nancy Busk, Jeff Baker and John Pickett, Jimmy and Muffi James, and the beautiful Audrey Larman. (Special thanks to Mary Paul for helping me organize my table -- she did all the work!!!)

I didn't think about using my iPhone to take photos or video until it was too late, I was having such a great time. By the time I thought of it I was talking to Richard Ford and Judy O'Bannon so I shot the very brief attached video of the two of them, along with the goofy photo. Everybody was having a great time!

The History Center, as it's called, sitting on the Downtown Canal, just recently unleashed its amazing new Indiana Experience programs which have attracted thousands of new visitors over the past several weeks, and I urge everyone reading this to go check it out at your earliest convenience. These new exhibits, and how they are displayed (bringing history alive in an amazing techno–manner), is stunning and is getting rave reviews from those who have seen it and experienced it. Hope to see ya there!

Audrey M. Larman
07/17/2010 5:23pm

YOU are the BEST!!!!!
You don't see so well and for that I am grateful!!!!
Hug's back at you, Audrey


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