Tonight, after more than nine hours of nonstop work going through a huge box of dozens of pieces of mail that had stacked up while I was traveling, I feel nearly as refreshed as when I began this morning.

Before I started going through the mail, I installed a new software package called MacSpeech Dictate, which made a big difference!

In fact, I'm dictating this post, rather than typing it. MacSpeech Dictate (which is available for Windows users as Dragon Naturally Speaking) provides a whole new way to interact with your computer. Instead of typing, you use your voice to input text; rather than clicking your mouse, you just speak commands. It's that easy.

Much of what I do in the way of communication with others, is Web based. That means that for snail mail, I frequently have to scan documents and then send them to support staff in Indianapolis or India -- where I'm outsourcing my bookkeeping -- or to others who may need to share the documents. So today, instead of having to sit down at the computer and spend time typing an explanation about how to handle a specific document, I was able to simply dictate the memo or e-mail and then quickly scan the attachment and forward on. Not having to type was huge. It saved a lot of time, a lot of stress, and prevented the fatigue commonly associated with typing a lot.

Some of you may already be using this type of software and it's no big deal to you. But for me, this new development opens a whole new world of productivity gain -- which is very exciting for me.


03/21/2010 10:33am

This sounds very cool. I can't wait to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

03/21/2010 4:18pm

You're welcome, Johna!

Miss seeing you. Maybe this summer we can hook up.



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