15 minutes from my home,

on the west end of the Santa Monica Mountains at Sunset Blvd and Temescal, is a trail head to a fantastic hike along the Temescal loop. A steep 1,000 foot assent along a narrow, rocky path of switch-backs has you gasping for breath while looking at stunning views of the Los Angeles Basin and Pacific Ocean, followed by a steep decent to a waterfall, small foot bridge, and down onto the canyon floor where the path continues along a creek bed under the cool moist shade of huge oak and sycamore trees. An additional half mile incline hike up to Skull Rock adds to the experience.

The near-silence of walking in Vibram Five Fingers® shoes allowed me to get close to rabbits and birds foraging just off the trail and, alone, I sometimes would make noises when the trail became a narrow path through brush and trees, so I could let the rattle snakes and mountain lions know someone was coming. :-)

The fresh air and fragrant foliage reminded me of my childhood on the farm, when we used to play and work in the fields and the woods and along the creeks and river nearby. Today's experience, in the middle of the country's second largest city, felt surreal.

My lungs told me that today's hike was a good workout. Tomorrow, instead of a jog along the ocean, I'm going back to run part of the Temescal loop trail. Though I ran part of it today, I stopped so often to take pictures that the run was disrupted.

Nice memory. But, now, I have to attend to the email, snail mail and other demands that were neglected for a wonderful hike!

The video below is a minute of footage shot while driving back home along PCH -- with Elton John on the radio.

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