My friend, John Herbst, the CEO of the Indiana Historical Society, has been getting a lot of press lately around the remarkable job that he and his team have done to literally transform the presentation of Indiana's history.

Their new programs -- The Indiana Experience -- include "Destination Indiana" and "You Are There", both of which masterfully use existing technology along with stunning new technology to bring history alive in electrifying ways.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I'm a board member of the Indiana Historical Society and am more than a little overwhelmed and excited about how fantastic these new developments have turned out. Without a doubt, the changes that John and his team have brought to the Historical Society building have turned the presentation of history upside down! I urge all my friends and readers to consider spending a morning or afternoon at the History Center, on the Canal in downtown Indianapolis, where you'll literally be blown away by what you find.

Given that I'm obviously more than a little bit biased, I thought I'd post just a tidbit of the recent publicity that these new exhibits have been getting as the media has gotten a peek at the spectacular new programs just unleashed a few weeks ago.

Take a minute to read these news articles and see what has so many people talking. Then bring your friends and family downtown -- and park for free in the History Center lot -- to experience it for yourselves.

And, by the way, after you've experienced what the Indiana Historical Society has done thus far, get ready for even more exciting technological wizardry still to come later this year! You'll be even more blown away! I guarantee it.

NOTE: Visit the History Center's website, here, for complete details, schedules and other useful information to plan your visit.

Images below are recent news reports about the new History Center's exhibits. Just click on them to enlarge and read.

Video is CBS WISH TV report that takes you inside for a quick teaser of what to expect.


04/14/2010 5:57pm

Fabulous! Take the time to watch the video clip - it gives you a real idea of what the exhibits are like.

I can hardly wait until the next time I'm in Indianapolis to go see the exhibit (and to see my friend Joe Miller, of course)!

04/14/2010 6:50pm

Thanks for your feedback, Grant. I hope you do come back to Indianapolis for another visit. We'll go to the History Center together!


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