Walking the winding strand along the ocean at sub 14-15 minute miles is a good workout, but hiking up and around the steep hills on the Mount Hollywood Trail is a tougher challenge. So, after my workout this morning I headed back to Griffith Park for another hike. This time I wanted to walk faster.

The Mount Hollywood Trail takes you to the top of Mount Hollywood and offers commanding views of the San Fernando Valley, the Los Angeles Basin, and the San Gabriel Mountains. The trail also includes Dante's View, a terraced two-acre garden planted by Dante Orgolini in the 1960s.

It was a good hike of 4.5 miles in about 1 hr and 40 minutes. Plenty of brief stops to grab my breath after the steepest inclines (and to shoot some pics). Plenty of time to also contemplate my day, my life, and the beautiful world we live in!

Check the photos. Just click on any one to open a manual slide show. Check the Vibram Five Finger shoes I'm wearing on these hikes. When I bought these last summer in Indianapolis, and wore them the first day on a walk, I got the worst blisters of my life! But then I tried them last week again, this time while wearing Injinji socks (like gloves for your feet).  Now I can wear the  Vibrams and walk long distances with no problems. It's like walking bare footed, the best way to walk or run. Or climb during hikes!


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