A quick update for my friends who run or hike, and who use Macintosh computers: the Rubitrack® software I just purchased works great.  It quickly imports data from my Garmin 305, splits out laps and lays my route over a Google map. Perfect for jogging or walking.

After a Super Slow® high intensity workout this afternoon, including legs, I ran a 5K along the ocean at 33:31 (10:49/mile average). For an old slow-poke like me, I'm happy with that speed -- especially after an intense leg workout.

I really believe that running in Vibram Five Fingers® makes a difference.  I've gone 4 days wearing only Vibrams this week, and today when I put on shoes for the gym, it felt odd. Afterwards, when I got to the beach and put my Vibrams back on, they felt so natural. Running 'barefoot' in Vibrams feels light and fast. (Interestingly, I saw two young women jogging totally barefoot today -- on the concrete strand!)

Click the image below to enlarge to see how Rubitrack® details my jog today.

01/17/2010 11:06am

Hi Joe,

Have you purchased the companion iPhone app as well or are you strictly using your Garmin? If you have the iPhone app, how does it affect your battery life? I used the MotionX-GPS app you turned me onto while we were skiing, but it takes a mighty toll on the battery! Wondering how Rubitrack compares....

01/18/2010 2:19am


I haven't tried the iPhone app yet. But I love the desktop program!

I'm still using MotionX-GPS, but only because I carry my phone anyway, so just boot it up. When I jog, it allows me to listen to my iPod now, so other than the battery drain, I'm fine to let it run. And, it makes posting my jog on Facebook simple.

But, the Garmin is great now that I've discovered Rubitrack®.

Mark Finch
01/19/2010 11:20am

I got an app for my Droid called SportyPal that does pretty much the same thing (it's available for iPhones too). I'm hoping the weather will moderate a bit tomorrow so I can go on a bike ride and give it a try.

01/19/2010 11:56am

Sounds like a cool app, Mark. Keep me posted!

Good luck on your bike ride.


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