Elton John's tribute to Ryan White on the twentieth anniversary of Ryan's death, included a moving description of the pain he experienced during Ryan's final days.  This video shows Sir Elton talking about the significance of -- and then singing -- Candle In The Wind.

In the video, Candle In The Wind is followed by Elton's description of having agonized over what to sing at the funeral, finally deciding on one of the songs from his first album in 1969 -- a beautiful song called Skyline Pigeon. Ryan's soul was finally free to go anywhere, and his inspiration was free to inspire people all around the world.

I've also included four videos shot by WISH TV, including Ryan's mom, Jeane, and her tearful introduction of Elton John, and Elton's comments immediately before he began to sing for us.  It's almost like being there.

WISH TV News Piece About the Night's Event

Ryan's Mother's Tearful Introduction of Elton John

Sir Elton John Talks About How Ryan Saved His Life and the Results

Continuation of Elton John's Words About Ryan White Saving His Life and the Results


Rhonda Akers
04/30/2010 7:52pm

The whole night was inspirational!

05/01/2010 2:44am

Thanks for your comment, Rhonda.

The benefit concert was truly inspirational!

So good to see you there



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