In the photo below, an attempt by the UK coastal town, Great Yarmouth, to set a world record for the number of people dressed as the cartoon character Wally wasn't successful yesterday when the Norfolk resort amassed 930 Wallys -- 123 short of beating the record held by New York. Nonetheless, it's a striking photo taken by the photography team at the UK's Guardian newspaper for their "Eyewitness" feature.

Every day the Guardian's Eyewitness provides an almost-always stunning photo, along with technical and artistic merits of the chosen image.  And, now, they offer a free iPad app just for these photos.  It's worth the

Note: the 'Pro Tip' for the photo below: The photographer has created a striking image by using a high viewpoint, thereby ensuring the viewer can engage with as many faces as possible.  Click photo to enlarge!

Videos Below: David Levene shows off the Guardian Eyewitness app for the Apple iPad and the head of photography both explain the new Eyewitness iPad app.


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