Temescal Canyon has become one of my favorite spots to hike. It's close (located at Temescal and Sunset Blvd it's only 15-20 minutes from my door ) and challenging.

The Ridge route quickly forces you up a huffing and puffing 1,165 feet along a steep narrow trail of winding switchbacks until you reach the top, with a dose of satisfaction and fantastic views as your primary reward.

With the best intentions at the beginning of the trail, I begin with a slow jog but quickly peter out. It's all I can do to keep my legs continuously moving without giving in to the incessant urge to stop and gulp down some much-need air, even for a few seconds.

Wearing the new Vibram Fivefingers "Trek" shoes that came in the mail last week, which have a bit more sole than the regular Vibrams I've been wearing, my descent to the canyon floor is more comfortable and I can actually run on parts of the trail without the usual pain caused by the various size rocks.

Today I was able to run a mile at between 8.5 and 10 min as I neared the end of the trail.

The utter beauty of these mountains, the canyons and the views are like a magnet to me.  Tomorrow I'm going to try a new hike which will be in the Will Rogers State Park. It's longer and more challenging.  Stay tuned. :-)


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