In today's WSJ, highly-regarded tech-guru, Walter Mossberg, asks: "What if you could collect, in one well-organized, searchable, private digital repository, all the notes you create, clips from Web pages and emails you want to recall, dictated audio memos, photos, key documents, and more? And what if that repository was constantly synchronized, so it was accessible through a Web browser and through apps on your various computers and smart phones?"

There is. It is. You can. It's called

When I began using this free, web-based program about a year ago, I quickly discovered that it's everything Mossberg claims -- and more. This is such a productive tool for me, that I upgraded to the paid version.

And, today, Evernote has released its new, super-upgraded Windows version!

Try it, it's free and you'll love how it helps bring organization to your life, and freedom from fear of losing things.

Another highly recommended productivity tool!


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