As we approach this Monday's opening of Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in California, where it's widely believed that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will unveil the next version of its hugely popular iPhone, I take a look back at three years ago when tech guru John Dvorak predicted the iPhone would be a total failure. This Wall Street Journal article of March 28, 2007, and the YouTube video shown below, are reminders that pundits and bloggers can, and do, get it wrong.

Even though this year's WWDC stands to be all about the iPhone, a number of other potential annuncements are being talked about. In addition to the highly anticipated iPhone OS 4, for both the iPhone and the iPad, there's speculation that Apple will announce that tethering will be available on the iPhone. There's also speculation that Apple TV will be based on the iPhone OS and the current A4 processor that's being used in the iPad. Of course, we're all waiting with baited breath to see if Apple is going to use a cloud strategy for iTunes and Apple TV.

Apple is finishing off the construction of a huge new data center on the East Coast which most experts believe is the foundation for Apple's use of the cloud to tie all of its various services together online. What an exciting thought!

Finally, now that Apple has a serious competitor to the iPhone in the way of Google's android operating system, we can expect to see even greater improvements and developments in the smart phone market with regard to softwware – and that's good for all of us.


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