Nice way to begin the day: phone call from the general manager of our building here in Los Angeles reporting that the association board is happy with my plan to bring a charging station into the building for my Tesla.  Still have bugs to work out, especially with regard to how to track usage and pay the bill, but it's exciting to know they're very open to the idea!

01/09/2010 6:48pm

Great news, Joe!

We're going to have to come out to LA to visit and cruise around in the Tesla. Will it stay in LA or will you bring it back to Indy and race Myrta? ;-)

01/09/2010 7:47pm

Not sure, Stephen. But would be fun to race Myrta!

01/12/2010 8:35am

That's good news!

I saw a story in the L.A. Times about an electric concept car from Audi that the columnist was pretty much categorizing as a Tesla-killer, similar to the way that some tech writers categorize every new smart phone that comes out as an iPhone-killer. The Autoweek writer wasn't nearly as impressed with the Audi, though. Tesla will still be first with a production plug-in car, and that counts for a lot.

01/12/2010 12:11pm

I haven't heard about the Audi, Mark, but hope it's true they're going to bring an electric car to market.

We need to move beyond internal combustion engines burning oil/gasoline, and toward zero-emission all-electric vehicles.

Tesla is proving it can be done. Have you read about their sedan?

Mark Finch
01/19/2010 3:52pm

Now I have – a 300-mile range would be great. Hope they make a station wagon!

01/19/2010 5:24pm

Mark: the Tesla Sedan will seat 7 people, with lots of storage as well. Pretty close to a station wagon! :-)


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