Pressing business caused me to trade the serenity and beauty of hiking in the mountains, for a different kind of beauty today -- a 7.5 mile, 1 hour 40 minute jog/walk from the hills of Playa del Rey down to the Pacific Ocean and back. All along the beach, high surf created crashing waves and a deep thundering sound with massive plumes of salt water spray.

One of the advantages of a jog along the beach is that you can let your mind wander without worrying about falling off a ridge trail like could happen during a mountain hike or trail run. During my run today, my mind wandered to the tragedy in Haiti, causing my heart to ache for the Haitian people who struggle for survival under normal conditions, but must now have to contend with the worst natural disaster in their history.

I hope everyone reading this will consider even a small donation to the American Red Cross, directed to their help in Haiti.

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