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Last night, around six o'clock, a company called Plycon, through their Plycar auto transport division, picked up my Tesla for the cross-country trip from Los Angeles to Indianapolis.

Ricky, who owns the truck which pulls the huge trailer -- together both total 80 feet in length -- had just driven from Newport Beach, in rush-hour traffic up the 405 and then across the Marina Freeway, to a construction site across the street from my condo building, where he loaded up my car, adding it to the other Tesla he's taking to Florida.

In the brief video you'll see Ricky loading my car, and then closing the massive back door. The mechanics and inner workings of the trailer, along with the backdoor, are the result of precision engineering and manufacturing.

I expect to see Ricky, and my Tesla, toward the end of this week. My flight back to Indianapolis is at three clock this afternoon, and I look forward to being back home by about midnight tonight.

Be sure to watch the brief clip from NBC's Law & Order -- with a Plycar truck in it -- at the end of this video. Ironically, last night was the final episode of Law and order -- it's going off the air.


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